Scandal’s Back

OK OK. I get it. Olivia Pope and Jake were away and Liv changed. She mellowed and the harshness of Washington is a thing of the past. Not so fast. . .Liv got fired up and wants to fight for women’s fair pay and freedom from sexual violence. Her righteous indignation is certainly enough to get the Gladiators back together. Harrison’s funeral was touching, but certainly awkward since we know what happened to Columbus Short. Of course, the casket was closed, so in Shondaland he may or may not be in there.

Bellamy Young was deliciously messy as Mellie. She’s eating cereal out of a box and not waxing ya’ll. Gotta love that. Also, she seems to indicate that she and Fitz have had some intimate moments, but mostly of his initiation. He’s trying to set things right, but she’s not having it. Kinda proud of her for that. Fitz’s rock bottom may have been his suicide attempt. Nice how Mellie worked that in. Fitz isn’t the only one that knows how to use words to hurt at just the right time. Perhaps we’ll see the First Couple grieving in a flashback episode.

It seems that Liv and Fitz are back on the same side at the end of the episode. True fans of the show know what that near miss of fingers and smirks mean as they both stride down the halls of the Capital. They are both great walkers.

Next episode makes it seem that we’re back to case of the week. Could B613 be a thing of the past?

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